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About Country Belle Soaps

Specialising in Sheep Milk Soap, Felted Wool Soap, Organic Olive Oil and Lanolin Soap

We are very proud to be a Western Australian Soapmaking business since 2009. Our soaps are all handmade soap with Organic Olive Oil as our major ingredient, coconut oil and using local WA sheep milk sourced locally. Other ingredients we use are Castor oil, Apricot oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and lanolin. Sheep Milk replaces half of the water component of the recipe and has double the amount of minerals, nutrients and fats than cow or goat milk making it extremely moisterising and excellent for sensitive skin.;No palm oil has been used in my soaps since January 2016 and no artificial stabilisers or preservatives are used in our products.  Soap dust pccasionlymay appear on some soaps but this will disappear with first use. We use Australian made and locally produced ingredients where ever possible. Orders are taken for specific ingredients, themed soaps, special occasions soap, speciality childrens’ soaps, gift packs & baskets, soap parties.

We have a new range of VEGAN soaps with Organic Coconut milk replacing the sheep milk and Avocado oil replacing the lanolin. Because of the organic, natural and super moisterising properties of my soap I am supplying many cancer patients and those with skin conditions and it seems to be working extremely well for them.

Now living permanently in Donnybrook on a beautiful bush and pasture property with a fantastic workshop and with a good source of sheep milk from a local sheep dairy and a good source of WA organic olive oil also, please feel free to place your orders knowing that the ingredients are still the same. 

If there is a sheep milk soap that you would like to try then let me know and I am happy to design or experiment varieties specifically for you. I also do use a commercial Shea Butter Goats milk soap base for some of the specific molded soaps. Naturally gentle sheep milk soap.

Contact: 0409076453 or bel@countrybellesoaps.com.au